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The beginning


Essentials was created thanks to Ayurveda. A few years ago, when we had our first contact with this beautiful Indian philosophy/medicine, it was love at first sight.


We began to study this science more closely and the more we got to know it, the more fascinated we became. It totally matched to the way we saw and felt life, it brought us answers to spiritual questions and the relationship of our being with the world. Coincidentally, at this same time, we were in the process of changing our lifestyles and food to be as natural and healthy as possible, and Ayurveda came at the same time directing us on this path, and naturally filling our essence, our being.


We became more self-sustainable and produced almost everything we used in food and cosmetics in a natural way. By putting into practice, the Ayurveda rituals, we also became more aware and started to pay more attention to our body and mind. Because the Ayurveda philosophy has this precept: it consists in guiding us into balancing and finding harmony with our inner and outer nature, aiming to turn our attention to the inner selves to be in peace, love and be happy with our being. It is also based on body care, beauty and well-being.


The results of the products in our health and well-being were amazing and we started to share with our loved ones, then we wanted to extend it to everyone so everybody could reap and enjoy the same benefits that are also provided to us. Our mission is not focused on the business itself; our mission is share and make this philosophy accessible to everyone!


In order to offer an amazing experience, we sought the inspiration of our aromas and sensations in the beautiful schist woods and villages of Portugal with a fusion of ingredients and principles of Indian Ayurveda science. We hope Ayurveda touches your life as it touched ours, bringing you a lot of balance, health and physical and mental well-being.


Enjoy each product, and that at each moment they provide you with joy and peace of mind!





Joaquim e Paulo

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