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Approx. net weight: 25g


Powdered soap for cleaning and caring of the face. Made only with natural ingredients, it´s ideal for facial skin care, which is more sensitive and more exposed to external aggressions (sun, wind, UV rays and pollution). Common body soap, shower gels or liquid soaps are aggressive for the delicate skin on the face, which needs more attention and care; always go for appropriate soaps for this purpose.

Our face wash is made from plants and without any chemical compounds, it not only helps in cleaning the skin, but also hydrates, evens and brightens the skin complexion, leaving it with a soft and silky touch. The plants used are rich in antioxidants, therefore, helps to fight premature skin aging, while acting as an astringent, meaning, they help to close the pores and regulate the natural oiliness of the skin.


Suggested Use

In the palm of your hand, dissolve ½ dose of powder with ¼ dose of water (ref. dose: a coffee spoon). Mix well until the paste is homogeneous. Gently apply the mask over the entire length of the previously moistened face with your fingertips (avoid the eyes area), then rinse with fresh water. Suggestion: apply a facial serum after the mask treatment.


    • Cleans
    • Moisturizes
    • Uniforms
    • Illuminates
    • Softens
    • Sebum regulator
    • Antioxidant

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