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Cleaning the surface of the tongue is an important part of daily oral hygiene, it should be done in conjunction with teeth brushing, flossing and practicing Kavala (oil rinsing).

This ancient Ayurvedic ritual is quick, practical and helps to eliminate white or sometimes yellowish mucus laden with toxins that our bodies work to eliminate during the night while we sleep or during the day, it´s important to remove them so our body doesn't absorb it. A healthy tongue should be pink and free from any mucus coating. The tongue in Ayurveda acts as a road map for digestion and reveals much of what goes on in our intestines.

Scraping the tongue not only contributes to cleaning the mouth, but also improves the function of the taste buds, which consequently stimulates the enzymes and sensory sensitivity of the mouth, also increases taste, balances appetite, and strengthens agni (digestive fire) along with the digestive tract as a whole. Our tongue scraper is made of copper, a non-toxic metal, which has healing properties that aid in the healing of mouth ulcers, as well as being a pacifier for Pitta and Kapha. If properly cared for, this scraper will last a lifetime.


Suggested Use

Early in the morning and before bed, gently scrap your tongue back and forth five to ten times, then proceed normally with washing your teeth and mouth.


Attention: Avoid use if you have a tongue injury.


    • Cleans
    • Strengthens agni and digestive tract.
    • Improves taste bud function.
    • Increases taste.
    • Balances appetite.
    • Contributes to the health of the digestive system.
    • Helps in the healing of oral ulcers.
  • *above 0.5 KG
    ** for mainland Portugal and 80 € for other countries

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