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Let nature care for your mouth. The Benevolence Essentials Kit brings the power and freshness of plants for cleaning, protection, and oral care. In this kit you´ll find a cream toothpaste, a Kavala oil and a tongue scraper.

The Kavala mouthwash oil, an ancient Ayurvedic practice, is intended to cleanse and purify the body of the toxins expelled by our bodies during sleep. It cleans and removes microbes and toxins from the oral cavity, regulates PH, helps to remove plaque, strengthens the vocal cords and the jaw, helps to reduce headaches and rhinitis, prevents the formation of cavities and bacterial plaque, while also, providing fresh breath, protecting the teeth, strengthening the digestive system, among other benefits.


The cream toothpaste has been carefully designed for the health of the mouth and digestive tract. It has numerous Ayurvedic medicinal plants, such as: Mustard Tree, Amla, Tulsi, Neem, Clove and Activated Charcoal, which act as tooth whiteners, antiseptics, and anti-inflammatory, stimulating digestion and helping in the prevention and treatment of tartar and gingivitis, in addition to butters and vegetable oils that will hydrate, nourish, as well as protect and shine your teeth.

The tongue scraper is an indispensable item in Ayurveda rituals. It is practical and together with Kavala it helps to eliminate white, or sometimes yellowish, toxin-laden mucus. Tongue shaving contributes not only to cleaning the mouth, but also improves the function of the taste buds, which consequently stimulates the enzymes and sensory sensitivity of the mouth, increases taste, balances appetite, and strengthens agni (digestive fire). as well as the digestive tract. It should be done in conjunction with brushing teeth, flossing, and practicing Kavala.


For more information about these items, access the pages of each one of them by clicking on Kavala & Gandusha , Cream Toothpaste, Tongue Scraper .


€34.90 Regular Price
€31.41Sale Price
    • We use natural, biodegradable ingredients in our products, and whenever possible biological.
    • Our products are vegan, and not tested on animals.
    • The colors of our products are natural and usually come from the plants used in the preparation.
    • Our products are handcrafted so they may have differences in color on packaging, labels and content.
    • In the case of liquid products, it is normal to find sediments from the bottom of the package, because we use extracts, aerial parts or plant powders in the preparations. Therefore, we always suggest shaking the bottle before using.
    • Our containers are all recyclable (glass or plastic) and we kindly ask customers to reuse or dispose of them in the correct recyclable waste containers.
    • We advise customers to use the most suitable systems when handling the product to remove the contents of the container before being applied or consumed (spray, dropper, spatula or spoon). We do not recommend using your fingertips for this purpose, as it can contaminate and spoil the product.
    • For more information about our products and packaging click here and see our terms of use.

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