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KAVALA & GANDUSHA (Oral rinse)

Approx. net weight: 140ml


An ancient Ayurvedic technique for digestive and oral health, Kavala, or herbal infusion oil mouthwash, helps prevent and maintain oral health.

While our body and mind rest during sleep, our body works to eliminate toxins accumulated during the day that are deposited in the tongue, teeth, colon, bladder and skin. Therefore, it is important that when we get up in the morning, we take certain steps to help our body in this detox process. Kavala is one of these body cleansing and purifying steps.

The Kavala procedure cleans and removes microbes and toxins from the oral cavity, regulates PH, helps to remove bacterial plaque, strengthens the vocal cords and jaws because it moves the muscles of the neck, helps to improve headaches and rhinitis because it eliminates Kapha nasopharyngeal mucus in excess, and consequently, by clearing these channels, also helps to improve taste and appetite, as well as hearing and vision.

Our oil is made of 100% plant-based with antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help clean and purify the mouth, preventing cavities and the formation of bacterial plaque. Helps to fight wounds and inflammation such as thrush and gingivitis. Provides good breath, protects, whitens and shines teeth. In addition, it helps to strengthen the digestive system and promotes all the benefits mentioned above.


Suggested Use

The mouth can be purified with oil in two ways:

1) Kavala: Rinse a dose (two tablespoons) for 10 to 20 minutes (the longer, the greater the benefits). Then spit and rinse your mouth with water.

2) Gandusha: Fill the oral cavity completely with oil, so that there is no empty space, retain the oil until the mouth is full or the nose and eyes release secretion.


Tip for complete oral hygiene: Pre-Kavala, clean the tongue with a scraper. Post-Kavala, finish with flossing and brushing the teeth. Always carry out this procedure when getting up and, if possible, also before going to sleep. Note: Do not ingest the oil, as it will be loaded with toxins extracted from the mouth.

KAVALA & GANDUSHA (Oral rinse)

    • Regulates the PH of the mouth
    • Strengthens teeth
    • Whitens teeth
    • Provides good breath
    • Promotes sinus health
    • Strengthens the jaw
    • Helps to remove toxins from the mouth and body
    • Moisturizes face skin
    • Promotes digestive well-being

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