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Net weight approx.: 30ml


In addition to allowing us to hear and filter external pollutions, our ears are important channels that connect us with the space around us and allow us to experience it, and more, they are very important to maintain our body's balance. The daily practice of oiling the ears is essential to protect them, remove waxes and external impurities, but also strengthen our physical and mental balance. Take care of your ears with our oil and practice Karna Pratisaranam or Karna Purana (explained below), it is excellent for all doshas, ​​especially for calming and rooting Vata.

Our product is made with the very rich oils of Sesame and Olive Oil, and also has the active principles of Ashwagandha, which promotes purification, awakens the senses and boosts vitality; it also includes the essential oils of Ajowan, Cinnamon and Lavender, which will help fight fungus, bacteria, infections and inflamation , and also contribute to calm the mind and relieve headaches and migraines.


Suggested Use

Ears can be oiled in two ways:

1) Karna Prati saranam: to be performed daily (at any time of the day), put 2 to 3 drops in one ear and gently massage around the ear for 1 minute, repeat the process in the other ear (if it runs off, wipe only the exterior of the ear).

2) Karna Purana: Recommended practice once a week or every fortnight (preferably before bed because it helps to relax the mind and can benefit sleep) Laying on your side, slowly add about 8 drops of warm oil in the ear (oil should only fill the ear canal—don't let the oil overflow). Stay in this position and let the oil penetrate deeply. Enjoy the experience and silence of this practice, take the opportunity to breathe slowly and deeply, relaxing your mind as you do it. Stay like this for about 10 minutes. Then sit down, drain off the excess oil and repeat the process in the other ear. For best results and comfort, we suggest warming the oils slightly before putting them in the ears.


Attention: In case of chronic health problems, pain or infection in the ears, pregnancy or breastfeeding, consult a qualified healthcare professional before administering it. Do not use if you have perforated eardrums.


    • Removes earwax and impurities from pollution.
    • Moisturizes the ears.
    • Helps to balance the body.
    • Helps to connect mind-body.
    • Promotes vitality.
    • Helps to fight infections and inflammation.
    • Soothes
    • Relieves headaches

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