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In these two small and powerful flasks, we bring you two great Ayurvedic rituals for the care and protection of your nose and ears. Both will unclog these channels and cause the Prana vital energy to flow efficiently in the body. Enjoy the Essentials Protection Kit which brings you a Karna Pratisaranam and a Pratimarsha Nasya.

Oiling the ears is essential to protect them, remove waxes and external impurities, but also strengthen our physical and mental balance. Practice Karna Pratisaranam or Karna Purana (+ INFO access the product link below). It has Sesame Oil, Olive Oil and Ashwagandha, which promotes purification, awakens the senses and boosts vitality; it also includes the essential oils of Ajowan, Cinnamon and Lavender, which will help fight fungus, bacteria, infections and inflammation, and also help to calm the mind and relieve headaches and migraines.


Nasya Oil (for nasal administration) cleanses, nourishes and strengthens the nasal tissues. It is produced with an infusion of the Brahmi plant that has rejuvenating effects on brain cells and nervous system, improves memory, concentration, and mental abilities, especially for concentration and learning. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which strengthens the immune system, increases vitality and promotes longevity, as well as purifying the blood and strengthening the liver, kidneys and heart. Our formula also has the active principles of Ajowan, Eucalyptus and Peppermint, which help to relieve nasal congestion and protect against infections. The practice of Pratimarsha, daily application of Nasya Oil, also helps to improve the quality of the voice, strengthen vision, promote mental clarity, prevent hair loss and diseases related to the mouth and head.


For more information about these items access the pages of each one of them by clicking on Karna Pratisaranam , Pratimarsha Nasya .


Caution: In case of chronic health problems, ear pain or infection, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, consult a qualified healthcare professional before administering the oil to the ear and do not use if you have perforated eardrums. Nasya oil should not be administered after drinking alcohol, when you feel very weak, if you have any parasitic head disease, and when the doshas are very excessive.


€26.35 Regular Price
€23.72Sale Price
    • We use natural, biodegradable ingredients in our products, and whenever possible biological.
    • Our products are vegan, and not tested on animals.
    • The colors of our products are natural and usually come from the plants used in the preparation.
    • Our products are handcrafted so they may have differences in color on packaging, labels and content.
    • In the case of liquid products, it is normal to find sediments from the bottom of the package, because we use extracts, aerial parts or plant powders in the preparations. Therefore, we always suggest shaking the bottle before using.
    • Our containers are all recyclable (glass or plastic) and we kindly ask customers to reuse or dispose of them in the correct recyclable waste containers.
    • We advise customers to use the most suitable systems when handling the product to remove the contents of the container before being applied or consumed (spray, dropper, spatula or spoon). We do not recommend using your fingertips for this purpose, as it can contaminate and spoil the product.
    • For more information about our products and packaging click here and see our terms of use.

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