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Approx. net weight: 50g


Doesn´t contain parabens, aluminum, triclosan or phthalates. According to scientific studies, these compounds can affect hormonal activity, disrupt thyroid function, compromise male fertility, among other disorders that continue to be studied.

The raw material of our deodorant is safe, 100% natural and plant based. Produced with Coconut and Castor oil that helps nourish, hydrate, repair and protect the skin, while also helping to lighten underarm blemishes. It also has white clay that works to purify the skin and absorb sweat, Aloe vera that helps to reduce itching, Mango butter that hydrates, soothes and smoothes the skin , and also has the power of Rosemary and Grapefruit essential oils which are tonics, astringents and antibacterials.


Suggested Use

With a spatula (or very clean fingers) scoop a small amount of deodorant and spread it all over the armpits.


    • Anti-bacterial
    • Nourishes
    • Moisturizes
    • Restores
    • Purifies
    • Absorbent
    • Astringent
    • Softening

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