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CREAM TOOTHPASTE – Treatment/Bleaching

Net weight approx.: 60g


Toothpaste for oral purification, strengthening and tooth whitening.

Our formula was carefully created thinking not only about oral health, but also about the health of the body as a whole. Made with Mango and Shea Butter, and Sweet Almond and Coconut oils, which are rich in vitamins, nutritious and healthy, but above all, helps to protect your teeth enamel and brighten your smile! It also has Sodium Bicarbonate and Clay that act as a natural sanitizer, cleaning and absorbing dirt. The extracts of Mustard Tree, Amla, Tulsi, Neem, Clove and Activated Charcoal act as teeth whiteners, antiseptics and anti-inflammatory, also stimulating digestion and helping to prevent and treat tartar and gingivitis. Our toothpaste also has the freshness of the essential oil of Peppermint, which also works as a powerful antibacterial.

Full of nature's beneficial properties, in addition to whitening your teeth, our toothpaste will leave your mouth clean, healthy, protected and with fresh breath.


Suggested Use

With a small spoon or spatula, remove and place half a dose of cream in your mouth (ref. dose: 01 coffee spoon) wash your teeth normally and rinse your mouth thoroughly.


For a more thorough cleaning

In the morning: start cleaning with the tongue scraper, followed with Kavala oil and brushing. However, if you have breakfast when you get out of bed, do it after Kavala, and only after that, complete the cleaning with flossing and brushing).

For the other brushings of the day: Pre-brushing: floss. Post-brushing: shave the tongue and apply mouthwash

CREAM TOOTHPASTE – Treatment/Bleaching

    • Cleans.
    • Purifies.
    • Protects.
    • Whitens teeth.
    • Anti-bacterial.
    • Strengthens teeth and oral flora.
    • Vegan.
    • 100% Natural.

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