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Did you know that we and the Universe are made up of the same elements? But there is still much more in common between the two. Today we´ll discuss our position before Life and the Universe.

In Ayurveda, the human being is understood as a single entity in which there are no isolated relationships, the mind is connected to the body and vice versa, which means, our feelings, thoughts and emotions can manifest and have physical effects, just like physical illnesses and the body itself can affect our mental and psychological field. The main objective of Ayurveda is to reach Moksha, the state of enlightenment, for this it´s necessary to overcome the limitations of the body and mind, only then can we reach the state of pure consciousness, where happiness, love and compassion resides.

If we are not aligned with that purpose and do not seek to reach that Moksha state of enlightenment, we are stuck with the manifestations of suffering caused by the ego and that will get manifested through a stream of Karma, which basically refers to actions and reactions with causes and effects, through which , this misalignment will promote even more suffering in the subsequent lives of our evolutionary process.

Shankya, one of the classic branches of Indian Ayurvedic philosophy, conceived and passed on to ayurvedic disciples by the seer Kapila, states that the objective of Ayurveda is to understand t the universe is the manifestation of Purusha (the supreme intelligence), which evolves and manifests in matter, called Prakruti, in order to experience all aspects inherent to itself, that is, in short, the universe allowa ua to experience the universal consciousness.

Ayurveda allows us to understand life and invites us to return to the knowledge of the spirit (Purusha) expanding our consciousness and showing us that we are not limited to the physical state of our body, being the body just a vehicle for the expression of consciousness. We are in constant relation with the elements of the universe and vice versa. For Ayurveda, if we maintain a harmonious, healthy and complete relationship with the universe, we can maintain a balanced state of health, otherwise we are predisposed to illnesses. Therefore, when seeking well-being, we must connect with our true nature and seek balance with the universe.

"Accepting the natural flow of life and getting in touch with the 'I' is the best gift we can give ourselves." (VARA, 2019).

Both Ayurveda and Yoga see cosmic evolution from an unmanifested realm of existence to the material world. However, for both, there is no dissociation between “outer world” and “inner world” - Everything that exists in the macrocosmic plane has its equivalent in the microcosmic plane of the inner universe of the human being. A simple way to see this equity is to compare ourselves to the Universe, before it we are as small as a cell, on the other hand, if we think of ours bodies, we´ll realize it is also a universe formed by billions of cells.

Both the Universe and our body are composed, in different proportions, by five elements, these five elements are known as pancha mahabhutas, they are: Eter (Akash), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jala) and Earth (Prithvi). These five elements are present in everything that exists: our body, food, the seasons, the environment, the activities we do, our emotions, etc. The combination of these elements determines our mind/body type, habits, personality and predisposition to health problems. We must not interpret them literally, but rather understand and recognize the interaction of elements that make up life and the universe, as well as our experiences in physical, mental and emotional states.

To try to understand a little more about the relationship of your existence on this plane, do the following exercise: find a quiet place, close your eyes, focus on the present moment, and answer the following questions:

- What is my purpose in life?

- How can I contribute to this world?

- What are my values ​​and how can I improve and put them into practice?

- What makes me feel good and happy?

- What is the next step for my development?


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