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Essencials Line
What makes our products unique?

What makes our products special is not only the origin and quality of the ingredients, but the reason why they were produced and launched.


Our desire was to share with the people we love the philosophy of this beautiful science, and that's how we decided to bring the Ayurveda rituals, to the general public and personally produce all our products with the same love and quality, everything made from the same artisanal process and with the same ingredients and love that we use to create our own products.


We respect and appreciate the ingredients generously offered by nature to be used in our manufacturing. All our products are natural, and whenever possible organic, sourced from reliable and preferably local suppliers.


All recipes have been carefully studied and designed following the principles of Ayurvedic medicine with a fusion of local Portuguese ingredients. Each product has combinations of elements that aim to extract the best use of substances and plant assets to act efficiently in their respective physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual channels.


In each production, we follow all the hygienic-sanitary precautions and perform an energetic cleaning in the work environment with mantras and prayers. Each lot is blessed with Reiki in order to flow energy and healing to the recipient.


We do not use ingredients from animals, nor do we test our products on them, and are therefore also suitable for vegans.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable (see our tips on how to give new uses to our empty packaging by clicking here). We do our part, but do yours too, reuse or deposit our empty packaging in recyclable waste containers.


​This love, sustainability and attention to detail, is what makes every Essentials product unique and special!


  • Essencials follows the recommendations of good hygienic-sanitary practices for the manufacturing of products and cosmetics. The work areas are disinfected, as well as all materials to be used in production and all containers that will accommodate the contents of our products. In addition to cleaning the physical space, we also carry out an energetic cleaning of the environment with mantras and prayers in each production.

  • Our products are handcrafted, conscientiously and carefully in small batches.

  • We use natural, biodegradable ingredients in our products, and whenever possible biological.

  • We seek, whenever possible, to find national suppliers and support local producers.

  • Our products are suitable for vegans and are not tested on animals.

  • The colors of our products are natural and come from the inputs themselves, usually from the plants used in the preparation.

  • All our products are handcrafted so they may have differences in color on packaging, labels and content. This may also reflect some differences from the pictures of the products presented our website, however, we strive to ensure that the images are as trustworthy as possible.

  • As they are handcrafted, the shapes, aromas and textures can also show differences in the same product.

  • The quantities, as it is done by hand, are always approximate (there may be small deviations above or below what is stipulated on the package).

  • In the case of liquid products, it is normal to find sediments from the bottom of the package, because we use extracts, aerial parts or plant powders in the preparations, whether these are added as part of the composition or through infusions and other techniques/means of preparation. These sediments are perfectly normal, so we always suggest shaking the bottle before use.

  • Most of our products do not contain preservatives in their composition and are 100% natural, therefore, it is necessary for the customer to comply with the correct use and storage precautions for each of our products, these recommendations are available on our website on the product page.

  • If a preservative is used in any of our products because we believe it is necessary to reduce the risk of contamination, this information will be notified in the list of ingredients on our website on the page of the product in question. When used, they will be preservatives of natural origin, safe and approved by ECOCERT for use in organic cosmetics.

  • Each product contains the batch number and expiration date while closed and after being opened, with the recommendation to use preferably before the deadline stipulated in the hourglass figure.

  • We are not responsible for products that are damaged by misuse or poor conditioning by the customer.

  • Any problem found by the customer in any of our products within the current period of use, whether in closed packaging or after being opened, and which has strictly followed the storage and use recommendations, please contact us through our e-mail contact referring to the problem, product and batch number so that we can verify the occurrence.

  • The accessories sold don´t have an expiration date, and it is up to the customer to take care and care for them.

  • Our containers are all recyclable (glass or plastic) and we kindly ask customers to reuse or dispose of them in the correct recyclable waste bins: green for glass and yellow for plastic.

  • We try to use the appropriate packaging for each type of product in order to ensure the best conservation and ease of use/application.

  • The materials we use to pack and ship our products to customers are also recyclable. We sometimes use materials that we receive from our own suppliers in order to minimize environmental impacts. Generally, our packages are: Cardboard Boxes, Kraft Paper, Tissue Paper, and Wheat Straw; with the exception of the latter which can be used in composting or thrown into the organic waste container, the rest should be deposited in the 'blue recyclable waste container' for paper.

  • We seek in our productions to consume the least amount of resources in order to avoid waste and reduce environmental footprint.

  • We advise our customers that when handling our products, they use the most appropriate systems to remove the contents of the container before being applied or consumed, either by the spray system, dropper, spatula or spoon - we do not advise using the fingertips or hands for this purpose, as it can contaminate the product and cause it to spoil or deteriorate. Usually, the containers come with the appropriate system for application, with the exception of jars - for these we recommend the customer to use a spatula or spoon exclusively for this purpose.

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